My Sunday Worship For You – 11/04/2019


You have me on my knees

Your legs parted

Your mound, freshly opened

Your scent, so exhilarating

I’m aroused when I look down at it

I can feel your anticipation

I can sense your desire

When I latch on

All I hear is your moan escaping your lips

All I taste is my tongue tasting your desire

I feel your hand over her head

As you return your endearment for me

Encouraging me

Enticing me to continue tasting you

We are connected



Expressing our wanton desires

When my tongue circle around your hot button

I want to feed of your like gift of life

I want make you feel relaxed



Brought down from a simple tongue

Caressed from the heat of my breath

Enjoyed when I hear you moan

Your body is connected to me

When I look up, I see a Goddess summoned before me

And when it’s over, I’m thankful to bring out your true beauty.

While I smile and wipe my lips

Your essence is now in me

Forever a memory.

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